I was not a real close friend of Monique's. The first time that I ever met her was in September '93. I was this fresh new gr.8 at Sutherland and she was in my Science 8 class. I sat beside her throughout our class.

Monique always made me laugh and she was always telling me to pluck my hideous eyebrows. One day she brought eyebrow tweezers to class and she plucked my eyebrows. That was one of the many memories that I shared with Monique.

She was in my foods class, socials class and then finally in my Biology class. We were partners. She was always an inspiration and she always kept smiling and talking. She taught me so much about myself. It was like she gave me a huge boost of self-esteem.

Monique truly was "Immaculate" like stated by one of her best friends. She was always telling me about the kinds of colors and make up that I should wear. She was the one who inspired me to use shade #50, CHANEL lipstick. I always think of her when I wear it and I will always remember her.

She was the type of person that everyone wanted to be like. I will miss her laugh, crazy personality, beauty advice and all the other talks that we would have....

I give all my thoughts and prayers to all those who were close with Monique. She is watching down upon us and she will remain in all our hearts forever! May Monique rest in peace and that she shine down on all of us more then she ever did before!


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