To a Friend That is Missed Greatly

We met in elementary school. Every day we would meet at the Y.M.C.A. (accross from the Ishikawa house) to walk to school. During those years we had many interesting conversations and she taught me so much. Mo was the epitome of beautiful, life was her precious vessel and she was ready for the ride. And what a ride she had! Mo's life was a party and everything she ever did was exciting, fun and uplifting. This girl was fashion and trend forward
and could challenge any obstacle and win, with a kind heart and a great spirit. Every room she walked into lit up in her presence and everyone who met her never forgot her. Mo was always there to talk and listen and she gave great advice. The generosity and kindness of this girl was amazing and she would go out of her way to include everyone. Mo is a friend that will be greatly missed and life won't be the same without her.

My fond memories of Mo include: in grade five, hairspraying our hair way up, borrowing her suede boots and getting completely ready to go boy watching at Capilano Mall; the long walks to elementary school, sleepovers, tanning, Richards, Madisons, the Viper Room on Dino's birthday and dancing and drinking the night away; late nights doing nothing at all and still having fun, and finally her heart, her understanding and her caring and the fact she would never let anyone down.

She is so, so, so greatly missed.


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