May, 2005


You were always kind, always happy and always beautiful. What i remember most was your grip on life and happiness. I admired you in Brooksbank Elementary and Sutherland High School. When i was 12 and running away it was you who gave me a warm place to sleep. Letting me in through the downstairs window. It was you that we (Kara, Indra, Lara and Jocelyn) all modelled after in those younger years. It was about grade nine the last time i saw you, but without a doubt you have lived on in my memories ever since. I thought of you often as i still do today. I always knew that you would grow to be something great. You were always a very special and unique girl. From the letters and memories of those that have loved you and that you have clearly loved so brilliantly in return, it appears that i was right all along. You were always someone great and it shows in the way you have touched so many lives through out your short life. As my throat swells and my eyes water i want to thank you for how you have touched my life. You are missed by myself and so many others; those people through which you live on.

Jaleen Rousseau