Monique will always be remembered for her unique ways and kind gestures. So few people in this world have hearts as big as Mo's; she was always trying to help others. She was always generous with other people. I remember once Monique and I were walking down Lonsdale (The Main street of North Vancouver) and there was this mentally challenged man who would walk around and pick up garbage. Sometimes he would ask for money. He was always really friendly. Well, I will never forget the time when Mo walked up to him and handed him a twenty dollar bill. At that time, when we were fifteen, I couldn't believe she had done that. Now sometimes when I see that man, tears come to my eyes, and I wonder how could someone so wonderful be taken from a world that needs her so mucy. All I can come to is, that other places need her more. she was always a person that when anyone needed a friend, she was always there. She would always take you for a drive or out to eat, just so she could listen. She was always there for everyone, and never asked for the same back.

Monique always brought everyone together. Mo, I can say for myself and the rest of us, thank you for girl nights, and thank you Cat and kassan for putting up with them. Monique was and always will be loved by everyone. I can safely say she passed away happy. We can't ask for more than that. One word that always described Mo perfectly as "immaculate."

Mo, I love and miss you forever,

Love, Kara

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