Bit at Terry Hadland's Farm, 1981

Monique was a girl of the world, growing up on the Pacific Coast, a girl perfect for the 21st century. Multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-dimensional, multi-talented, intelligent, a leader, a jewel in the crown of Vancouver.

She had exceptionally bright parents.

She had an exceptionally bright future.

She was a rare golden eaglet.

Older, wiser and confident in the manner that a beautiful young lady comes to be, simple because of the reactions of others to her presence.

Unique child. Unprepossessing. Innocent laughing. A young woman's purity of beauty and grace.

Most of the rest of us walk in shoes. This one, Monique, could have walked in the clouds.

Some people have trouble in life. She has no life.

There's no compensation for that.

There is no restoration, no starting over, no dealing with life, nothing. Now, who gets to watch a sunset, or hear the rain on the roof? Who doesn't?

Gross Travesty.

Terry Hadland

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