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Letter to the Editor


Victims not served

Date unknown

The Editor:

The recent high-profile cases of Julia Campagna and Dave Stupich have again shown that the learned judges continue to be on a tangent. This time that goes even for the prosecutors, some of whom later become learned.

The message these decisions send is don't worry about fraud, crime or killing people with automobiles; the learned people, with the help of shrinks, will find enough excuses to let you off the hook. I extend my sympathy to the Ishikawa and Brooks families.

Over the years I have heard some people say life is cheap in the East. I am not certain that is so. To my dismay I do know for sure that life is indeed cheap here if you use an automobile to do the killing.

Now, I am not learned, but I sure as hell have a much better sense of the balance as to the guilty and their victims. The victims are victimized again by this justice system.

Dave Bains