I remember the time we celebrated our one-year anniversary at the Salmon House restaurant in West Vancouver. We had always gone there, actually Monique was the first to take me there. It was the first week of September and we had planned a vacation to the Caribbean to celebrate. While we were having lunch we were talking about how much fun we were going to have in a few days. She was always so excited to be going anywhere (especially hot).

Lunch was great. I don't remember what I had but I always remembered her because she only had one thing at the restaurant and that was the curry prawns. Like always we had a quiet little corner that was away from the rest of the world. There was an Indian canoe hanging from the ceiling. The wall behind us was covered with Indian masks and things. The windows to our left and in front of us gave us a fantastic view of Vancouver.

I had a bandage wrapped around my wrist for a few days from hurting it at indoor soccer that I play every Tuesday. I had run into the wall with my wrist hitting first. Mo had to feed me even though it wasn't hurting, I still let her. We used to always feed each other (we made our friends sick).

It was a clear sunny day so clear that you could see a plane from a mile away. While we're eating Baby (that's what we called each other) tells me to look at the plane And I do but I look away after and say "cool!" Big deal. A plane. Then she nudges me and tells me to look again and sure enough I do. "What's that say?" she asks. This time I take a closer look at the plane that appears to have a banner attached to it and it reads "HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY BABE I LOVE YOU." Then it clicked in. And that was the first time she had told me that she loved me, That felt so wonderful.

So things couldn't be better? Wrong I was so happy that I didn't feel any pain in my wrist and did asked her to take off my bandage. She asked me if I was sure and I told her to take it off, so she did slowly. When she took off the wrapping she had noticed a clear plastic around my wrist and she took that off And underneath that was MONIQUE tattooed on my wrist. She was so happy that she was speechless for a moment, after we hugged and kissed. Cause we knew that from that moment on we had just reached a new level in our relationship.

That's my story about my fake broken wrist, I felt bad lying to her but it was well worth it. After that miraculous lunch, I had to hurry to take my mom to the airport and I'd locked my keys in the car. I had to call my friend with a tow truck and then take a cab to the airport while Mo waited for the truck and then took care of my car. I called her later and everything was perfect. A few days later we were on our way to the Caribbean.

- Dino

Monique first took her dad to Zen in West Vancouver for Father's Day in 1995. It became her favourite Japanese restaurant and she frequently ate their with her friends.