A 2-year-old dog was abandoned in the park next to the Ishikawa house.
No animal ever felt abandoned around Bit.



First, Bit and her friends took care of Mami in the park.
Eventually she became the Ishikawa family dog.



Bit's birthday present for Dino, 1997 A Malti-Poo named Bijou



Dino had just acquired a new dog, Tiger, a Jack Russel terrier, as company for Bijou. This picture taken on Dino's birthday, May 20, 1998



"She always had a way with animals," said Steph, after Mo rescued her from
a playful puppy in Penticton, B.C., Summer, 1997



Monique, Lia & Faron Cosco watch TV instead of Mami, 1989.



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