Psych 101: Bulimia

Mo had to do a presentation for her Pyschology 101 class on bulimia and she wanted it to be more creative then just her talking about such a sad disease. She came up with the idea to make a video skit about a teenage girl facing bulemia.

Mana and I were the girl's friends and Kara video taped it. In the scene we all are going to a party and Mo's character feels uncomfortable about her weight. My character is a somewhat evil girl who snickers behind her friend's back, but Mana's character reassures her that she is not fat.

Mo thought the skit would be helpful to show the pressure that teenage girls face to look good. We had a lot of fun making this short part, but then I think the phone rang or we decided to go out and this is all we ever got done.

- Indra


Mo and Ernie, Valentine's day, 1998


4-year-old Mo in the park near her house in Japan