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Text of plaque installed at the Peace Arch Border Crossing:


Were killed here on May 30, 1998

Treasured memories of Monique and Kim will be carried in our hearts forever. Look up to the sky and give them a smile for they hated to see people cry. So dry your tear and remember they're near and always your angels standing by. To those of you who never knew these beautiful taintless friends, imagine two perfect roses ready to bloom with an aroma that never ends. Monique and Kim, we miss you lots even though you're always around, it won't be long 'till we meet again, then the lost pieces in our hearts will be found.



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From: Stephanie Scott
To: Cat Ishikawa
Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2007 12:18 PM

Hi Cat... just thought you should know... there is this site called Facebook and its kind of like reuniting with old friends. I set up a Kim and Mo memorial page on it and SO many people are commenting and joining. They are still so loved and so missed and I'm so happy that everyone still remembers them so fondly.

Just wanted you to know...

I'm not sure if this link will work or not, but give it a try!

And if you happen to have any photos of Bit or the both of them on your computer, pls send them over!


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Bit Vid

Ernie   3/30/1980 - 3/1/2001
Mami   1985 - 2001

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